Changing Laws, Changing Lives

Sisters For Change is proud to present this unique series of video vignettes of four pre-eminent women whom we are working with on law reform initiatives across Asia, the Pacific and beyond. Selected to represent what we consider to be the four critical constituencies involved in law reform – civil society, legal experts, advocacy champions and government – these four incredible women narrate the personal and professional struggles they make every day to ensure laws don’t discriminate against women and girls.

Calling on all Commonwealth governments to criminalise marital rape

Marital rape and intimate partner sexual violence constitute acts of gender-based violence prohibited under international human rights law. Sisters For Change is calling on governments across the world to criminalise marital rape as a crime of sexual violence. Almost half of all Commonwealth countries require legislative reform to remove the marital rape exemption – a colonial era law which makes it lawful for husbands to rape their wives.