1.2 million

women have experienced domestic violence in England and Wales


increase in BME women survivors of violence seeking refuge or counselling in 2012

1 in 4

specialist VAW services was closed down between 2010-2014


Imkaan is a London-based Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women’s organisation. The only UK national BME advocacy organisation, Imkaan has worked for 15 years in partnership with BME women’s organisations across the country, to improve UK national and regional policy and practice responses to violence against BME women and girls.

Imkaan’s work is focused on the needs and aspirations of black and minority ethnic women and girls. Their approach is rooted in an understanding not only of the gendered nature of violence against women and girls, but also the way intersecting factors, such as age, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability, can affect girl’s and women’s journeys and experiences. As such, Imkaan actively promotes the leadership, autonomy and self-determination of black and minority ethnic women and girls.

As a membership organisation, Imkaan represents the expertise and perspectives of frontline, specialist and dedicated BME women’s organisations that work to prevent and respond to violence against BME women and girls. Imkaan delivers a package of support to the BME women’s sector which includes quality assurance, accredited training and peer education, sustainability support to frontline BME organisations and facilitation of space for community engagement and development. Imkaan’s research activities support the ongoing development of a robust evidence base around the needs and aspirations of BME women and girls, as well as promising practice for preventing and addressing violence.

Sisters For Change worked with Imkaan and five BME frontline VAWG service provide organisations on a legal accountability project from 2015-2017 to assess the effectiveness of local authority and criminal justice responses to violence against BME women.