10.74 million

domestic workers in Indonesia (estimate by JALA PRT) of which 30% are girls under 18


of reported cases of violence against women in Indonesia are domestic violence committed by partners or family members

2 in 5

domestic workers have experienced sexual violence at work; 9 in 10 physical violence

Jaringan Nasional Advokasi Pekerja Rumah Tangga (JALA PRT) is a national network for domestic workers’ advocacy in Indonesia. Established in 2004, JALA PRT is an umbrella organisation for 35 domestic worker groups, associations and unions across Indonesia and focuses on women’s rights, children’s rights, labour rights, literacy and advocacy.


JALA PRT has been spearheading the campaign to get the Government of Indonesia to pass the draft law on domestic workers, to give domestic workers in Indonesia employment recognition, rights, and protection, and to ratify ILO Convention No. 189 Concerning Decent Work For Domestic Workers. JALA PRT works to support and grow domestic worker unions across the archipelago and has established a network of domestic worker schools to provide education and training to domestic worker union members and workers.


From 2016-2018, Sisters For Change worked with JALA PRT on a programme to strengthen support structures around women and girl domestic workers by empowering them with knowledge of their rights and domestic laws to prohibit violence and harassment at work. Sisters For Change worked to improve access to justice and justice outcomes for workers who suffer mistreatment or violence by providing legal, advocacy and leadership capacity building to empower rural women and girl domestic workers in East and Central Java.  This allowed women workers to challenge discrimination, exploitation and abusive treatment in the workplace.


As part of the programme, Sisters For Change partnered with JALA PRT to train a Domestic Worker Paralegal Cadre, consisting of leaders and members from eight domestic worker unions across four provinces of Indonesia in women’s rights and domestic laws on violence against women; how to conduct a survey on women’s health and workplace life experiences; and how to support women and girl domestic workers who had experienced violence or abuse.


In October 2018, Sisters For Change and JALA PRT launched a joint report to evidence the findings of our work and the high levels of violence suffered by domestic workers in the homes in which they worked.