dowry-related deaths were reported in Bihar in 2014


increase in crimes against women in Bihar in 2014


The most common crime against women in Bihar is kidnapping for forced marriage

Jyoti Mahila Sangha (JMS) is a women’s federation founded in 1993 in the district of Muzaffarpur in the northern state of Bihar. Today, the federation has 28,653 members mobilised into over 1,750 Sangahs (women’s groups) from 729 villages. JMS has established 8 Nari Adalats (Women’s Legal Committees). Each Nari Adalat has a committee of 11 members who work on issues of violence against women with basic knowledge of laws and legal provisions for women.


Sisters For Change worked with JMS Federation from 2016-2018 to build the legal capacity of Federation leaders and Nari Adalat members in laws relating to violence against women (and specifically violence against Dalit women), to increase access to justice for women at the village level and to ensure victim-centred approaches are adopted in community justice decisions relating to Dalit women victims of violence. Sisters For Change and JMS Federation partnered to mobilise the wider community across their district to end the social acceptance of violence against Dalit, Adivasi and minority women.