cases of violence against women were reported in Indonesia in 2015


increase in reported crimes of violence against women in Indonesia in the last 3 years


of the national budget is spent on policies targeting women and children

Komnas Perempuan (National Commission on Violence against Women) is an independent institution, established by Presidential decree in 1998, that works to promote the human rights of women in Indonesia and combat violence and discrimination against women and girls. The Commission works with NGOs across the country to develop standards, instruments and mechanisms to prevent all forms of violence against women, monitor prevalence and types of violence and combat discriminatory by-laws and regional regulations.


In addition, Komnas Perempuan advocates for improvements in domestic legislation and policies to tackle violence against women, provide redress to victims and ensure justice for all women. Komnas Perempuan has drafted the new Elimination of Sexual Violence Bill, introduced to National Legislation Programme (Prolengas) this year. It is a ground-breaking piece of legislation in Indonesia that expands the definition of sexual violence to include distinct forms of sexual violence against women, including rape, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual control, sexual torture, forced marriage, sexual slavery and forced prostitution. The Bill sets out State obligations and community roles in preventing and addressing sexual violence, protection and support for victims, the rights of witnesses and victims in the criminal process, punishment for sexual violence and the rehabilitation of perpetrators.


Komnas Perempuan is partially funded (estimated at 40%) by Government – their budget allocation has stagnated for years at around IDR 10-12 billion / $900,000. Their other source of income is from private donors and international grants.


Sisters For Change works with Komnas Perempuan as part of its NGO network and facilitates Commissioners taking part in international consultations and events to combat violence against women.