Sisters For Change has conducted a range of VAWG projects in the UK, including investigating and documenting public authority responses to violence against Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BME) women at both a central and local level across England; delivering annual workshops to strengthen the legal capacity of frontline VAWG service providers; bringing together key actors from government, civil society and the criminal justice sector for roundtable discussions and dialogues on the Domestic Abuse Bill; and improving public authority responses to VAWG. In our research, we work closely with frontline VAWG service providers. Our reports and briefing notes offer concrete policy and legislative recommendations for improving responses to violence against women and girls.

Sisters For Change worked with five partner organisations – all specialist BME organisations in the ending violence against women sector – to research and document the way in which specialist services are commissioned and delivered in six local authority areas. The report presents a comprehensive evaluation of current practices of commissioning and funding of BME VAW service providers and a detailed legal analysis of the weaknesses and failing in public authority and criminal justice responses to BME victims of violence. It makes 16 concrete and practical experienced recommendations to improve State responses to violence against women and girls and ensure public authority compliance with legal obligations under the Human Rights Act 1998, Equality Act 2010 and child and adult safeguarding legislation.

Sisters For Change has developed a series of six briefing notes looking at some of the most important issues to be addressed by the Domestic Abuse Bill. The briefing notes set out recommendations to Government to ensure an inclusive and effective Domestic Abuse Bill for all women.

Improving public authority responses to violence against BME women.

Improving public authority responses to high risk victims of domestic abuse.

Improving accountability in local government responses to domestic abuse & VAWG.

Oversight & accountability: Role & powers of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner.

Definition of domestic abuse.

UK compliance with the Istanbul Convention.

As part of the UK Government’s consultation and inquiry prior to the publication of the Domestic Abuse Bill, Sisters For Change submitted a consultation response to the Government and written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Domestic Abuse.


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