• Coventry has significantly higher rates of domestic abuse when compared with the rest of England.
  • The annual cost of domestic abuse in Coventry is estimated to be £34.8million.
  • There were 55 cases of ‘honour-based’ violent crimes in Coventry in 2014.

In the West Midlands, Sisters For Change has worked with partners in the city of Coventry. Coventry is the 9th largest city in the UK, with an estimated population of 360,000 people and a large BME population.

Coventry has a significantly higher rate of domestic abuse compared with other cities in England; there were 2,763 domestic abuse crimes in Coventry between April 2016 and July 2017. The annual cost of domestic abuse in the city is estimated to be £34.8 million.

The Coventry Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018-2021 recognises the need for services to address the particular needs of the following groups: children, older people, adults with care and support needs, men, LGBT people, BME and refugees, people with mental illness and substance abuse problems.



Panahghar is a registered charity based in Coventry and Leicester that works to relieve poverty, physical and mental distress, domestic violence and abuse. It has extensive experience in the provision of direct services primarily to Asian women victims of violence, and their families, in the West Midlands. Read about our work and partners


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