Survivors, human rights defenders, activists and policy/law makers reached


legal workshops, advocacy roundtables and paralegal academies delivered


community paralegal and
frontline service providers trained


changes in law, policy
or international VAWG


Sisters For Change is an international non-governmental organisation that works to combat violence against women and girls through legal empowerment programmes, legislative reform, technical assistance initiatives and legal advocacy. SFC works to generate systemic change in how governments combat violence against women, structural change to give women voice and agency in justice mechanisms, and social change to end the social acceptance of violence against women and girls.

We work in the UK, India, Indonesia and across the Commonwealth. In the UK, India and Indonesia, we strengthen the legal capacity of local women’s organisations, human rights defenders, women-led unions and activist networks, and support them to hold authorities accountable under the law. In our role as a member of the Equality & Justice Alliance consortium, we work across the Commonwealth — Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Pacific — to provide technical legal assistance, policy advice and research support to governments and civil society organisations in order to reform laws that discriminate against women, girls and LGBT people, and ensure equality for all.


Twin sisters Alison and Jane Gordon — co-founders of Sisters For Change — grew up outside Belfast in Northern Ireland during “the Troubles”; 30 years of violent conflict between those who supported and opposed British rule, drawn along religious, ethnic and socioeconomic lines. It instilled in them an innate sense of the importance of justice and the value of human rights, and the damage discrimination and inequality can cause.

After years of working separately on women’s rights and policy issues — Jane as a lawyer and human rights expert who designed the first-ever framework for monitoring the human rights compliance of the police in Northern Ireland, and Alison as a senior official in Britain’s Foreign Office — they founded Sisters For Change to make legal knowledge and support more accessible to women and girls, and to advocate for legal reform of laws that discriminate against them.

“…domestic laws and policies to combat violence against women and girls are within the grasp of every woman, no matter her nationality, ethnic origin, race, caste, religion or economic status.”


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