Monica McWilliams

Emerita Professor of Women's Studies, University of Ulster

Monica McWilliams is Emerita Professor of Women’s Studies at the Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster, and has published extensively on the impact of political conflict and domestic violence on women in Northern Ireland. She was the former Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (2005-11) and a founding member of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition political party, which won an elected seat in the multi-party peace negotiations that delivered the 1998 Belfast Peace Agreement. Monica served as a member of the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly from 1998-2003 and the Northern Ireland Forum for Dialogue and Understanding from 1996-1998.

Fareda Banda

Professor of English Family Law, Human Rights of Women and Law and Society, SOAS University, London

Fareda Banda has taught English Family Law, Human Rights of Women and Law and Society at SOAS since 1996. She has expertise on children’s rights, sexual violence against women, post-conflict reconstruction and gender, and sits on nine academic journal boards. Fareda has taught in a number of jurisdictions and produced reports for agencies — including the United Nations, the Ministry of Justice and Minority Rights Group — as well as contributing to output from organisations such as Centre for Reproductive Rights, Equality Now, The World Bank, The African Commission, FORWARD, NORAD, Danish Institute for Human Rights, WLSA and Amnesty International. Fareda has advised the government of Namibia on law reform and drafted a Law Reform Plan. Fareda is currently on Human Rights Watch policy committee as well as the advisory committee of Human Rights Watch Africa.

Chaloka Beyani

Ex UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons & Associate Professor, London School of Economics

Chaloka Beyani is Associate Professor of International Law at the London School of Economics and the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons. Born in Zambia, Chaloka is a recognised international expert on internally displaced persons, population transfers, sexual and reproductive health, and constitutional reform. He has served as a legal adviser and expert to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Office of the High Commissioner on Refugees, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Population Fund, United Nations Development Fund for Women, the EU and the Commonwealth Secretariat, and was a member of the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons of the African Union on the Formation of an African Union Government.


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